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Global International FMCG India (GIFMCG) is engaged in importing and distributing internationally renowned brands all over India. The company has built strong relationships with several international brands throughout the years, including "Game Of Thrones™ Energy Drink, Superman™ Power Booster, Justice League™ Carbonated Drinks.” We are the Exclusive Importer of these drinks licensed by Bhagat General Trading Co. LLC in India.

Are you looking for the essence of freshness amidst your hectic schedule? We are here for you. Presenting you the Game Of Thrones™ Energy drinks, Superman™ Power Booster drink, and Justice League™ drinks. Healthy goodness and garden-fresh flavors of fruits bring you wholesome energy and flavor confined in a can. Each of these flavorful fruity energy drinks gives you immunity until the last drop.

The drinks are a perfect match for your daily life, giving you the boost you need anytime. From teens to adults, anyone can enjoy these flavorsome low-calorie beverages. They are full of exquisite taste that gets you on the go and excited to start the day. So, get rid of your thirst and cheer up with the refreshing deliciousness of these delightfully tasty drinks. Try them NOW!

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