Game Of Thrones™
Energy Drink

Game Of Thrones™ Energy Drink was inspired by one of the most iconic web series that went buzz across the globe for over a decade. The broadcaster HBO had an inspiring idea of turning this famous series into the product of energy drinks. The drinks are available in 4 different variants, and we have launched 2 of them. It includes House Stark in Green Apple flavor & House Targaryen in Tutti Frutti flavor, with a standard can size of 250mL. It also comes in 330mL - for the HoReCa sector & 150mL - for the aviation sector.

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Game of Thrones Energy Drink

The energy drink contains a combination of rich ingredients to refresh and re-energize the consumer. After its intake, the consumer will feel strong enough to tackle their day. It has been created so that the consumer gets the required energy and refreshment to keep up with the day in the best possible way and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s two categories - “The Starks of Winterfell '' and “Targaryen of Dragon Stone,” representing two different houses of the famous series. The House Stark energy drink comes in the green apple flavor, and The House Targaryen energy drink comes in the Tutti Frutti flavor to give you the refreshing energy of your choice.

  • Product Nutritional Value

    For every 250mL, the drink contains:
    Caffeine content 75 mg/250mL, CALORIFIC VALUE 47 kcal = 199 kJ

    • Protein - 0 g, Fibers 0 g, Sodium - 0.12 g
    • Carbohydrates 11.2 g of which sugar 11.2 g, Fat 0 g
    • Niacin - 8.0 mg (50%*), Vitamin B6 - 2.0 mg (142%*), Vitamin B12 - 0.8 µg (80%*) Panthothenic acid - 2.0 mg (33%*)
    *% NRV = Nutrient Reference Values
  • Water, sugar, citric acid, carbon dioxide, taurine (0.4%), glucuronolactone (0.24%), acidity regulator sodium citrate, caffeine flavoring incl. green-apple, inosit (0.02%), coloring E-150d, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, coloring - 101, vitamin B12, vitamin B1 & B2.

  • Not allowed for pregnant women, children under age 16 & people with health discomforts. When consumed in large quantities, It can reduce sleep due to excess stimulants.

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